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Anti-Collapse Rings

Used in dry and dust filtration when a cage is not used. Wire rings Rings that are sewn along the length of the bag to prevent the bag completely collapsing when flow of air/gas is reversed.


A thin Zinc coating applied to the surface of mild steel to offer an improved corrosion resistance to water or humidity.


Generally used in dry and dust filtration. Flexible steel rings manufactured from flat steel strip, like a snap ring, but PROSNAP™ has a profile shape formed into the ring. The profile creates a powerful dust tight seal into the cell plate. Does not require a beaded gasket, nor is it necessary to sew the ring into the bag top. See page …

Snap Band

See Snap Ring

Snap Ring

Generally used in dry and dust filtration. Flexible steel rings manufactured from a length of flat steel strip. Joined into a ring using eyelets. Sewn into the bag top and/or bottom, often used with a double beaded gasket, to form a dust tight seal into the cell plate. Also used to fit over an end cap to form a dust tight seal. See page …

Spring Band

See Snap Ring

Top Rings

Used in both wet and dry filtration. Wire rings sewn into the top of filter bags to seal the filter bag onto the cell plate or into the vacuum filter.

Wire Rings

Used in wet and dry filtration. A solid ring formed from round wire with a virtually unbreakable welded join. In dry and dust filtration used as either anti-collapse rings or as top rings to seal the bag top to the top of the cell plate. In wet filtration are used as top rings to locate the bag top into vacuum filters – GAF type. See page …

Latest news


On 11 &12 April 2018 SGS performed a transition audit at Salpark. The audit was successful and SGS confirmed that the Quality Management System of Salpark Filterparts Ltd meets the requirements of ISO9001:2015.

A copy of the ISO9001:2015 certificate is now available for viewing on, and downloading from, this website

Posted: Mon 09-Jul-2018 9:45AM


On 8 February 2017 SGS quality auditors visited Salpark to audit our ISO9001:2008 accredited Quality Management System. The SGS audit confirmed a fully compliant system, free from any non-conformity. Salpark will continue to operate a quality system that is fully compliant with ISO9001:2008. A Copy of our latest ISO9001:2008 certificate is on this website or, if required, available by email on request

Posted: Wed 01-Mar-2017 12:26PM

Salpark sponsor Millom RUFC

Salpark are for the second year the official primary sponsors of Millom Rugby Union Football Club, for the 2010-2011 season. Millom RUFC 1st XV play in the Cumbria League, finishing runners up last season. For the 2010-2011 season MRUFC 2nd XV have joined the University of Salford League, starting in Division 5.

Click on headline above for the link to the Millom RUFC website

Posted: Thu 14-Oct-2010 10:19AM